Paradise Valley Estates

Paradise Valley Estates

Welcome to lead driving boot camp

As a well established community located in an enviable Central Californian location, Paradise Estates was seeing its leads count diminish and needed a quick and effective way to get their pipeline topped off.

Divided by two

Originally created and built for ex-military, Strategy Shop implemented a rapid strike, two-fold campaign to start delivering immediate results. One print & digital campaign was focused on retired military, and the other to non-military local residents of the San Francisco/Napa Valley region.

Boots on the ground and heads in the beds

With intriguing events, ranging from Life Plan education to live stand-up comedy, the laughs—and interest—began to flow in to the sales and marketing department. A special, 12-month “try before you buy” program removed a lot of the risk potential residents had. Re-enforcing Paradise Valley as a modern, innovative and secure community in an ideal location with smart creative and tracking, triggered just the response they were in search of. Mission accomplished.

Paradise Valley Estates

The Work

  • Not-For-Profit
  • For-Profit
  • Single Site
  • Systems
  • Stand-Alone Assisted Living
  • Entrance Fee
  • Rental

Shopping the shop

We offer deep subject matter expertise and experience with start-ups, expansions, and Life Plan community low occupancy issues.