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Looking for leads in all the wrong places? If you’re looking for qualified leads, look to us. Let The Strategy Shop’s 30+ years of senior living strategic expertise and creative know-how get your phone ringing, your sales staff running and your community humming.

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Our experience

We’ve done it before, and we’re back doing it again. All of our consultants were key members of Martino & Binzer, an award-winning, nationally respected marketing agency specializing in senior living clients for over 20 years.

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Our Work

Our strategic solutions include creative messaging to drive sales inquiries. Think of it as the tasty icing on an effective marketing cake.

Overcoming occupancy challenges— coast to coast.

  • Mike Moss
    Working with The Strategy Shop, we have experienced consistent results that have exceeded our expectations. Their partnership has helped us lower overall marketing and sales cost while increasing occupancy, profits and morale. We are convinced that these achievements are largely a result of Dave and his team’s sales and marketing efforts for Cypress Cove.
    Mike Moss
    VP Sales & Marketing, Cypress Cove
  • Lisa Greene
    Dave and The Strategy Shop team have been a partner to Duncaster’s Sales & Marketing team since 2016. They work closely with the community to understand the brand, refine our positioning and develop breakthrough marketing and messaging. During the pandemic they developed innovative solutions to build occupancy and counter negative market perceptions about senior living using a unique combination of strong marketing acumen, a passion for sales and exceptional creative talent. In my 30 years of marketing and sales experience across various industries and categories, The Strategy Shop team has produced some of the most innovative solutions and best in class creative that I have encountered.
    Lisa Greene
    VP Sales & Marketing, Duncaster
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Shopping the shop

Our flexible model means we work with you in a variety of different ways to provide guidance, direction, recommendations or full project execution. We’ll work to support you, your internal team or your agency deliverables.