A True Partnership

As a single-site community, Duncaster relied heavily on a very local market (and referrals) for leads. To expand their reach, they needed a more engaging image with broader appeal. We were able to work closely with them — since we’re basically neighbors — and developed a marketing strategy that brought them to life.

With Community Involvement

With a new website and marketing campaign declaring “Duncaster is where to live!” we leveraged the messaging to tell a new Duncaster story that would appeal to a slightly younger audience with expectations to continue living fully and independently. We extended the messaging through print campaigns, social media marketing, t.v. and video, and had residents fully involved to tell their own Duncaster stories.

For More Engagement

We continued to explore more ways to engage with prospects while providing interesting and insightful information that was useful and relevant to how older adults want to live today. Through a magazine-style printed piece that purposefully directed readers online, we bridged the offline-online gap to create more engagement and inquiries.


The Work

  • Not-For-Profit
  • For-Profit
  • Single Site
  • Systems
  • Stand-Alone Assisted Living
  • Entrance Fee
  • Rental

Shopping the shop

We offer deep subject matter expertise and experience with start-ups, expansions, and Life Plan community low occupancy issues.